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Welcome to my Web site. I am Anura Gurugé --Anura Guruge June 2013
but you can just call me 'Anu'
(as did my mother).

This site portrays my professional activities and academic interests. On the professional front my activities involve:

   1. professional writer for hire
(for corporate collateral, ghost writing, white papers etc.).

   2. authoring and publishing books
       on a variety of disparate topics.

   3. papal historian.

   4. blogging on a variety of subjects including: Windows 7, popes, dwarf planets,
       clerical hats, papal elections life in New Hampshire etc. etc.
[I have in excess of 25 blogs, though many are as yet 'inactive.']

Big IBM systems (in which I have dabbled in since 1974) was my abiding love when it comes to IT. Consequently I did a lot of work on large data center issues. GivenAnura Guruge Popes and the Tale of Their Names
my legacy as “Mr. SNA,” I can’t really get away from large
data center related topics.

In July 2008, my academic interests (a.k.a. 'my hobbies') got a bit more prominence with the publication of my first non-IT book: "Popes and the Tale of Their Names." [Read review by Catholic News Agency.]

My second book related to the papacy, "The Next Pope," a definitive handbook for the next papal election was published in February 2010.
An expanded and revised edition appeared in September 2011.

That I was very interested in Church history and Cathedrals was never
secret -- particularly on this Web site. After five dense books on
logy, that I would write my sixth on papal history is somewhat of
a departure from the norm.
But it was exciting. It was a rare opportunity
to do some original research. In my mid-50s I have to concede that I am, per family tradition, a workaholic. So if there is a lull in IT work, as is increasingly the case, I have to keep myself occupied with something ... and that has become papal history. I now have a few papal history related blogs
(see above).

Some of my other current interests include: dwarf planets, time (yes, time), calendars, stand-up paddle boards

For more details of my background and activities please go to the 'Biography' page on this Web site.

You can contact me at: or 603-455-0901 [New Hampshire, U.S.A.]

Here are the eighteen (18) books I have written to-date. I edited a few more and you can find those on Amazon, Google Books etc.

You can get details on these books and even order them directly from  the Amazon "box" below. Unless specified as a 'Kindle eBook' all the other books are available both in paperback and eBook form -- with the exception of 'Popes and the Tale of Their Names' which is not available as an eBook. Go to the "Documents" page on this Web for some of my other publications.


July 2013 78 pages
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July 2013 28 pages
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May 2013. 124 pages
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April 2013. 54 pages
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Feb. 2013. Kindle eBook $0.99

Sep 2011. 350 pages
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June 2011. 108 pages
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Sep 2011. 28 pages
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The Next Pope by Anura Guruge

Feb 2010. 322 pages
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June 2008. 168 pages
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July 2008. 40 pages
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2004. 384 pages


2002. 332 pages


1999. 428 pages


1996. 604 pages


1984. 568 pages


Russian version of
Portals book, 2004

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